Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hey Guys,
Here some brief updates and a couple of cool new youtube videos.
New Theta Healing Class Scedule click here.

Youtube video titled "Peace with Trees"

Video description of ThetaHealing Basics Class

My Friend Lynn Rose is teaching her "WOW FACTOR" class that i've taken and was Very Impressed with.
If you read this bit and click on her link and you feel guided to do this course I'd recommend it.
"Speakers, Coaches, Trainers, Authors and Entrepreneurs – you gotta check this out!
Lynn Rose ROCKED our meeting a couple of months ago with her powerful message and the sheer dynamic power < /div> of her presence and open heart. Do you want to be dynamic, powerful and free in YOUR presentations, or in the media, so that everyone says, “WOW” when they experience you? Lynn has a way to have you tap into your greatest WOW Factor – that is personal to YOU – and she is giving everyone on my list a HUGE discount! You can be one of the ONLY 15 people she will personally be working with. You’ll get two days of deep, profound, personal and experiential training that has you make quantum leaps in your being, your ability and your performance. Whether a master or beginner, she takes you to your highest level. She’s worked with people from “The Secret”, to those just starting out, and has consistent, stunning to the core results with all those who come through her program. So if you want to get rocked to your core and discover the REAL you that’s been in there all along. The REAL you that feels the aliveness, the power, the command and the joy of this masterythat becomes an automatic way of being for you – then you MUST immediately get in for Lynn Rose’s LIVE WOW FACTOR TRAINING. GO here NOW for more info ( and see a video of Lynn personally telling you about it) Get your exclusive 25% discount from going through me at this link:
(gotta act soon because space is highly limited!)

That's it for now. Have a great day.
Love Steve
-- Stephen Roy ParkerThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor "Beyond Ideas Of Right Doing and Wrong Doing There Is A Field,I'll Meet You There." - RumiSkype: yourdivinityEmail: sessions available by phoneanywhere in the world.

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