Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sadness and Gratitude

My life is so good. I am so blessed and lucky. I smirk as I think that maybe it is partly because of being born Sagittarius and under the Lucky Planet Jupiter..... Maybe.

I'm in Oslo, Norway right is one of my favourite places on the planet so far. I don't know what it is about Oslo and Norway that can bring me into peace and gratitude. My ancestors are mostly from Ireland and probably I have some Norwegian DNA via the Vikings and their adventures..... it doesn't really matter. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be here what ever the reason I feel what I feel here.

I've begun to consciously feel deep gratitude for many of the people that are and have been in my life. I like that feeling.

Soon I get to go back to Croatia for awhile which I have also been blessed to get to begin to know and enjoy and love. The people in both countries are quite different in many ways but both peoples are deeply genuine and loving.

No matter where i seem to go i have been given the gift of seeing and experiencing the deep humanness we all share. It doesn't matter if it is Norway or Canada, the United States or Thailand, Croatia or Denmark... people are people with mostly the very same desires and issues. They love their families and each other. They have heartache and passion and joy. They get angry at many of the same things. We all feel alone and hurt at times and we all feel loved and taken care of at times. We all have basically the same desire for a closeness with God at our core, whether we are aware of it or not and despite the country, religion or race we come from.

I have had an opportunity to have long conversations with someone who has had an opportunity to spend one on one personal time with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar... one of the worlds most revered Spiritual leaders who founded the Art of Living Foundation. She says that one way to talk about his burning vision is to see the world as one family. That when we are asked what or who we are our first answer should be "I am a Spiritual Being." and then the second answer to that should be "I am a Human Being." After that everything else is really more or less unimportant. These identifications are foundational to everything else... these as our foundations can be what unites us beyond the petty irrational fighting and conflict, both inner and outer, that we often experience in our lives.

So what does sadness have to do with all this?

I am in the middle of some acupuncture treatments with a very very good accupuncturist here in Oslo (Camilla Thoresen mobile phone 47 906 41 500 i highly recommend her.)

part of what came up from her intuitively without any verbal information from me was some unexpressed grief and sadness regarding my mother. BANG she hit the nail right on the head. When my mother died nearly 20 years ago I barely grieved.... it was very confusing to me. Even though I didn't have a super close relationship with my Mother I knew I loved her and I maybe cried for 10 minutes when I heard she died. And that was it... I was finished..... I didn't get it but i couldn't work up any more emotion than that. Am I heartless or some kind of sociopath? I thought to myself...

I still don't know what this is about or have cleared this issue yet or even know the deeper reasons why I reacted to this major loss in my life the way I did.... I will continue to explore and change this as I live my life moment to moment... I think it is key for me to deal with this to really move on in my life....

I have been floating about and literally around the world for the last 3 years.... literally without a home address. I have loved it and had the most amazing personal experiences during this time in my life.... Is it time to "settle down" a bit whatever that really means.... maybe, maybe not....

Time and time again people have seen a deeper sadness in me that never seems to go away no matter how happy I seem to be or how much fun I have. I never really understood this... I sort of believed them but, no I didn't get it. I assume at least part of that will be dealt with in the next chunk of time.

Robert Bly, poet and a major leader in the men's mytho-poetic movement of the 80's and 90's talked about men needing to go down into their grief before becoming fully emotional in a fully masculine way. Some of the old myths and ancient stories passed down over the millenia verbally say this is part of our path as men. Maybe this is what is going on for me in whatever genetic and divine timing that is correct for me.

How do I do this with Theta? I am not sure yet. I may not do it exclusively with ThetaHealing.... I know I have gone up and asked Creator to help me with this whatever that means and which ever people or tools the creator hands me to help me in the highest and best way.

I feel that often we try to use ThetaHealing and many other amazing wonderful modalities to avoid some of the experiences that can come with being human.... I know I have done this from time to time.... maybe it's okay sometimes but maybe sometimes when we do that it may not be from a motivation of possibility and taking responsibility for the way we experience the world, but rather a way to avoid some things at a cost much greater than we realize.

Maybe sadness is okay and so called negative emotions which we make metaphysically politically incorrect can be a deeply enriching part of being human.

Maybe there is a balance between continually clearing our stuff and becoming more and more light and love with living fully as a human in this human world of which can come deeply powerful and trans-formative emotional experiences that we have been told we shouldn't have or shouldn't want to have. Is it possible to have both as our experience of life?

I didn't give myself permission to fully experience my sadness when my mother passed away. I didn't give myself permission to fully experience my sadness when my marriage ended. I doubt I have ever given myself permission to fully experience my sadness or anger or frustration or grief or (insert so called negative emotion here!!) Maybe that is my loss....or not... we'll see...

So, I appear to be on this new ride of deepening emotions that i have run from most of my life. It's a bit scary i think... but I'm okay. Maybe what will happen is I will end up having deep gratitude for the sadness i have yet to fully feel. Wouldn't that be interesting....heh heh heh....

Here are a few downloads..... but before you say yes to these downloads in an automatic knee jerk kind of way like we often do every time we are offered a bunch of downloads... actually read them and clearly and deeply understand what they may mean to you if you say yes to them. Think deeply and ask your subconscious what might really happen if you choose to accept these downloads. You may not actually want these for now.

I know how and what it means and feels like to be at peace with my so called negative emotions in the highest and best way.

I know what it feels like to be fully human in the highest and best way.

I know how and what if feels like to be fully human AND fully spiritual together at the same time in the highest and best way.

(This group of downloads are for the men) I have the creator's highest defiinition of what my masculine emotions are and feel like in the highest and best way.

I know when to feel my emotions as a man in the highest and best way.

I know who to express my emotions in a fully masculine way and who it is safe to express these emotions to.

It is safe to feel and express my emotions in a masculine way with out losing love or being judged or abandoned.

I know who it is safe to feel and express my emotions to in a masculine way in front of without losing love or being judged or abandoned.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Living Effortlessly

I woke up this morning, had my shower got dressed and sat down to meditate and had such a lovely time. It's quiet in the morning. I can hear the birds outside and am enjoying the peace.

Two of my "teachers" came to mind today. Dr. Wayne Dyer and Ratziel Bander. The piece that came to mind from Wayne was the thought he passes on in his recent movie "The Shift" (which I recommend by the way) was that when we are in the womb everything is taken care of for us. We don't have to "do" anything. When we're born it's as if we say "Thanks God, I'll take it from here."

Ratziel Bander, Master of the ancient Hsin Tao work, (which by the way I recommend too) talks about doing the Hsin Tao movements and breathe work as effortlessly as possible. In being as relaxed as possible and breathing and moving with the least amount of effort and without agenda do we get the maximum benefits.

I've been doing a cleanse/diet protocol using Hcg the last 6 weeks with really great results. Almost effortlessly i've dropped 30+ pounds or 13+ kilos. I had been wanting to do a cleanse for about 3 years and was totally afraid of it. Usually the emotional side of changing my eating habits and especially cleaning out my body is the hardest for me. This particular program literally fell into my lap. It was very easy to simply just start. As I went through the stages of the cleanse protocol it continued to feel effortless. Then about a week ago it didn't become harder but the energy of it began to simply fall away. I kept forgetting to take the Hcg and began changing some of my eating habits.

With the gentle and respectful suggestions of my friends and noticing some body changes and lack of energy that had not been present earlier in the protocol I finally realized that Creator and my body was telling me that it was time to let this go at least for awhile.

This morning after a couple of days off the protocol I feel great. Much of the basic eating patterns that were established feel as if they still remain without me having to "discipline" myself. I woke up and exercised with the 5 Tibetan Rites that I do and some other basic exercises that I like these days and am willing to do. It was easy.

It's easy and effortless this morning to be doing this blog.

I feel good.

I think life can be this way more and more as we listen, or in my case, begin to learn to listen to the quiet whisperings of Creator and our guidance and, as the Abraham-Hicks people say, allow yourself to simply feel good and operate from that energy and place of being.

Does it sometimes take some work to be willing to get to this place of allowing? It sure has for me. I've been working at clearing the things that keep me in a state of tension and fear and "reasonableness" for quite awhile now. I think most people will be the same way as me. Just because you read something like this blog and intellectually accept the ideas here doesn't mean you will be implementing the ideas in your life across the board by tomorrow. How many books have you read over the years and expected everything to change and virtually nothing did. I can't count that high. Give yourself a break and continue clearing your emotional blocks and ideas that keep you from just beginning to allow a level of this kind of effortless living to be a part of your experience.

Don't try to force effortless living into your life. It doesn't work. Believe me I've tried.... over and over again I've tried, without success. Let go of the effort you may think it takes to live effortlessly. Take a few moments right now and just sit and be effortless regardless of what appears to be going on around you, just for this moment. Then once in awhile just remember to be effortless in what ever you may be doing. If that means going and having a nap then do it as long as if you have a nap the world won't come to an end. (hee hee)

Stop trying so hard in everything you do. If you don't feel like doing something then don't do it, even if only for a few moments before you jump back into trying at it again. Then give yourself a pat on the back for allowing this small moment of effortlessness in your life and then just go on with your life WITHOUT using this moment as a foundation to "try" to "make" more effortlessness happen in the future. Just let it be what ever it was by itself.

Would you like to know from the Creator on the 7th plane the definition of living life effortlessly.

Would you like to know how, what it feels like, when to, where to and in what circumstances to allow effortlessness to begin to become part of your everyday life with grace and ease, without having to try at it and with out your world falling apart and still get all the things you need to get done in your life done in the highest and best way?

Would you like to know how and what if feels like to be at peace with yourself and life?

Would you like to know how and what if feels like to remember to allow this effortlessness into your life?

Would you like to know that living your life effortlessly in the highest and best way is possible?

Would you like to know it can be and is safe for you to begin to live your life this way?

Would you like to begin to live you life this way in a way that is best for you and your family, friends and loved ones even if that means it comes to you more slowly than you think you would like it to?

Would you like to know what the effortless flow of life feels like in the highest and best way with joy and harmony and love and peace?

Would you like to know how and what it feels like for your world to be in perfect harmony and balance without you having to "make" it that way?

If you want all of these downloads just say yes out loud....effortlessly. ;-)

If you want all these download say yes out loud now.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 6 on Hcg and 11 lbs down.

Hey Guys,

First this is only what I'm doing. Always get a doctor's approval for this or any program you are considering doing.

I've been getting requests for specific information on the Hcg protocol for weight loss and detoxification program I've been doing. I'll include links to where I'm getting the products I'm using in case some of you want to follow the same protocol.

All of the product come from one source as does this version of the protocol. The only product I won't have a link to is the Medical Meal replacement Carefast shakes as they are not on the website officially yet that I get this stuff from but you can get them from there and they are very good. The Phone Number to get those if you want to is 303-274-6564. If you want any of the stuff I talk about on this post I suggest you call and order it rather than doing it through the website. It's much easier.

Here's what I'm doing.

6 drops of Homeopathic Hcg drops 6 times a day. This does a couple of things as I understand. First it has the body target what is called abnormal fat instead of structural fat. That's the fat that isn't necessary for regular body functions. A lot of the abnormal fat is fat cells that are created to store toxins the body can't dispose of on it's own for whatever reason.

It also resets the hypo-thalamus to think that lower food intake is the norm and not the higher calories we may have been taking in for so long. This will make it easier to keep the weight off after you are done with this protocol.

Also the Hcg as I understand it helps dramatically with food cravings and hunger. How that works I'm not sure. I do know that my cravings have been considerably less than any other time I've done a diet or cleanse.

Also I'm experiencing far less emotional ups and downs. Most of my life food has been my drug of choice to medicate me emotionally. This is much better in part I believe because of the Hcg but also I've done massive amounts of emotional work over the last 6 years with ThetaHealing. Almost certainly without the ThetaHealing this would be much more difficult.

A very low calorie diet of 900 calories/day. ( I guarantee you that's a very low calorie diet for me!!)

I replace two meals a day with Carefast medical meal replacement shakes at 160 calories/package mixed with water.

I have one small regular meal per day. I got spend a couple of days with Michael Grant, the president of the company I get all this stuff from. He's brilliant regarding whole food based supplements and nutrition in general. He also is the formulator of most of the products I'm using. What a great guy. I genuinely like him because he's for real when he says he puts medicine before marketing.

He showed me that due to my body type I don't digest proteins or sugar very well (thus my digestive system constantly gurgling.) and I will do better with a vegetarian diet. (I even saw evidence of this from a slide of my blood he took.)

This comes from the book "The Healing Power of Enzymes." By Dr. DicQie Fuller. So, at least for now I've begun to move to much more of a vegitarian diet. But that's just me. It may not be the right thing for you. It's funny that sometimes the things we crave most are the things we have the most trouble digesting. A coincidence??? I think NOT!!

Alot of fat people may be completely malnourished due to lack of enzymes and the inability to digest the food they eat and can't get the nutrition they should be from all that food.

I have at least one package of Vitaxan nutritional drink mix. Sometimes I have 2 or 3 of these a day depending on my energy level. I believe this and the Sangomin below are essential for me in particular to be able to do this program as easily as I have so far.

This stuff is really cool because it gives the body 40 perfectly balanced ingredients that supports the body's natural ability to bring itself into perfect health. Make sure you click on Vitaxan link to see all the cool stuff in it. The b-complex alone give me energy when I need it. The day I first tried this stuff my coffee comsumption cut in half without me even trying.

If you take a whole bunch of this at once you can get a killer niacin flush!! (if you ever do that mix one package of the juice powder in water or in one of the Carefast meal replacement shakes and then add 6 to 8 capsules of the Vitaxan Capsules. It's really neat. Do it only once a week. Eventually you will get so clean that you won't beable to get the flush. I'm not there yet though. Of course only do any of this under doctor's supervision.)

I make and drink over the course of a day a 1.5 - 2.0 litre bottle of Sangomin in water to alkalize my body and provide billions of negative ions (massive anti-oxidant properties) that helps dramatically with the getting rid of the toxins that are leaving my body on this program.

This Sangomin stuff also has 70+ perfectly balanced Ionic mineral including Calcium (which I love because of all the ThetaHealing I do.) It gets into the blood stream directly without having to go through the digestive system because it's ionic. There's a whole bunch more on that that I recently learned that I won't go into today.

Outside of this Hcg protocol, alot of people are having some dramatic improvements in health just from the Vitaxan and Sangomin alone. I met a 4 people this weekend in North Carolina that credit these 2 supplements alone with getting them out of bed and living life again that were (and still are but much less so) suffering from Crohns Disease.

I take 3 to 9 capsules of Mangosteen a day spread out over 3 times a day which helps with inflammation my body has created from being so toxic for so long for a number of reasons. I believe it helps a lot with the detox. Some water release I think is happening because of this.

I will have one apple either in the morning or afternoon as a snack.

I will have a cup of green tea once or twice a day as a filler also. (I still get to go to Starbucks!! they have a nice shaken iced green tea. no syrup please.)

Taking Enzymes with everything I eat.

That's it for now. I hope this all helps. I know I feel really good about this and I'm seeing results fast.

Love Steve

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Predictions for 2010. . .Dont worry, Be happy!

I ran across the below video thanks to Jim Mckeown of recently. Click below and watch the video then read on.....


Here are a few nuggets that stand out for me in that clip, each of which have such depth of meaning, potential and possibility that an entire book could be written about any of them. are just a few.

"First we suggest pausing a moment and recognizing that the great unknown is your paradise."

"Souls will be stirring that have not been awake for many many lifetimes."

"For many of you this will be the year in which you "get it."

"The past that held Gods that took sides is dying."

"So, if we were to give you advice that would hold true for the entire year, it would be to become a powerful visionary."

and this one is the one that almost makes me cry each time I read it......

"We see even the last of you emerging from the fog soon."

That vision of the last of us emerging from the fog is so powerful. How long have we been in the fog....most of our lives? decades? centuries? perhaps several millenia?

If these thoughts and ideas are being presented to us even in this small way it means I think that a massive change has already occurred on the deepest level of humanity's consciousness. These things bubble up from the unified field as preview of what has already been created by us all.

What I hope we can do is embrace these thoughts and ways of being as a conscious decision and to begin not just to pay lip service to them as is so easy and popular to do, but to actually become this change we want to see in the world as Gandhi says.

What we can do, especially those of us who have learned ThetaHealing(tm), is to continually find the limiting thoughts and feelings that arise that keep us in the fog or drag us back into the fog no matter how strong our conscious intentions are.

Simple belief changes are perhaps the single most powerful thing we can do to literally live and become these changes we want to see in the world.

I'm as good at paying lip service to these high ideals as anyone else. I'm also better than most at believing the stories I tell myself about why I can't do things, that someone has done something wrong to me and that even though I preach that we are the source of how we experience EVERYTHING in our lives, I still often choose to be the victim.

I constantly get to (when I am open enough to look at my own issues which sometimes I still resist.) find the deeper beliefs that keep me in the fog and keep me thinking and behaving in ways that are contrary to what I claim to believe is true about our reality and how to live it.

I get to practice looking at the style in which I fool myself in these things and why I hold on to these old ways so ferociously, especially when I am most virulent in claiming otherwise.

We are so funny and clever in the ways we fool ourselves......

So what's the trick here that may help most in actually clearing the deepest beliefs that hold us in the fog longer than we need to?

Give your self a break and simply start noticing the way your thoughts and speech patterns unfold WITHOUT judging yourself and beating yourself up about them.... just notice and then when you simply notice, tell yourself you are so cute for having such a contrary thought to what you claim to believe and then change it with the tools you have been given or get someone to help you get to the bottom of this layer that has presented itself and move on.

As Bobby Mc Ferren would say "Don't worry, be happy."

Isn't that a better platform to work from, freeing us to clear what we need to and become the "Powerful Visionaries" where we become the changes we want to see in the world and have the last of us emerge from the fog.

Working from the feeling and deep unconscious belief that nothing is really wrong despite what our so called physical senses tell us, allows us to create and experience this world where nothing actually is wrong, the truth comes out and we live on a practical pragmatic level in the world that we are envisioning.

So say yes if you want the following downloads....

I know how and what if feels like to be the change I want to see in the world.
I know how and what it feels like to be the powerful visionary I can be.
I know how and what it feels like to see where I am fooling myself with out judging myself.
I know how and what it feels like to emerge from the fog I have created for myself and still feel safe.
I know how and what it feels like to live my life in congruence with my conscious beliefs in the highest and best way.
I know how and what it feels like to be an example for the souls that are stirring that have not been awake for many many lifetimes. (you yourself may be one of these souls you are being an example for)
I have the Creator's highest understanding and perspective of the idea that the great unknown is my paradise in the highest and best way and in a way I can accept with grace and ease.
I know how and what it feels like to "get it."
I know how and what it feels like to live my life in a way that the world I am envisioning has already been created.

So let's go out and create, through our powerful visionary abilities, the world we love and have already created.....

as Maharishi would say "More results with less effort."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Living from God's Heart.

I seem to have been making some kind of shift from living in and from my head to beginning, just barely living from my heart. I don't know what this means yet...... I don't know how or why this is happening either.... Maybe it is a natural process that can happen in a man approaching his 50's. I'll be 50 this December. I don't feel 50 whatever that is supposed to feel like but it seems to be happening.

Over the last 6 years since starting ThetaHealing I have been working on myself and clearing issues and limiting beliefs like a Mad Man. I've survived a divorce successfully. My ex and I are on very friendly terms thank God. I've been travelling and teaching, sometime to classes of only 2 people. I've made lots of what the world would classify as mistakes. I've not always treated other people or myself with the respect they deserved, and I've continued to clear my issues and look as deeply at what causes me and others pain and released it. I don't know where all this is leading to.

for now I seem to have come to a place of wanting consciously to trust the mystery and stay open to life a bit more... opening my heart from time to time. Before this if someone told me to open my heart it felt as if they were speaking another language. They probably were. I had no clue what they meant. I still struggle with that..... but I seem to be beginning to do it instinctively as I get a bit older.

With the help of one of my friends i've learned a way to consciously Bridge my negative emotions from self pity or depression or that feeling of being a victim to one of openess and empowerment. Empowerment not in a self disciplined way but in a way that I am beginning to choose to identify that love in my heart as real and sort of who i really am.... When I access that feeling and move into it and allow it to be what i choose to put my attention on then the rest of the world begins to reflect that back to me and no matter where i look or what seems to be going on around me. Only love and bliss is reflected back..... I LOVE those moments....

If you'd like Creator's understanding of whatever I said in this Blog.....and how and what it feels like to do the stuff I have been experiencing but to do it in your way say yes now out loud.......

Monday, August 11, 2008

Why is all this so hard?

What do I find hard to do?

Sometimes I find it hard to discipline my mind to create rather than see what I am creating and see myself as subject to what appears to be going on in the physical world.

I perceive what seems to be going on in the world and am stuck.

I find it hard to believe (I think) on the deeper levels that I am not stuck.

One very wise friend reminded me recently that I am creating exactly what I want to be creating although sometimes my conscious intellectual mind calls “bullshit”

Where is the unlimited financial abundance? Where is the log home in the mountains surrounded by trees and nature and animals overlooking the ocean or a lake or some amazingly beautiful water.

Where is the best selling book(s)?
Where is the ability to travel at will without concern about finances.

It’s hard sometimes to trust things are being taken care of by creator and that my manifestations are being provided. Intellectually on some level I know they are in a way that is more than I can imagine.

Creator should be able to arrange the world so I can get what I want the way I want it.

Of course he can. How much of me perceiving me not getting what I want is my ego throwing a temper tantrum.

Am I really a two year old screaming at my mother to give me what I want NOW. I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT……..

I found a belief recently that I don’t deserve to manifest or even have the “power” of manifesting cause last time I got everything I wanted I lost it ALL.

I had given up my right to have what I want and even the right to manifest.

Although I’ve had the experience of manifesting 5 international trips when I didn’t appear to have the money or resources for them they happened anyway. They sure didn’t come the way I would think I would have wanted them to show up. On the other hand I got to have experiences that helped me grow (both pleasant and unpleasant experiences) that I could never have planned or orchestrated better myself.

Although I officially don’t have a “home” to go to of my own, I am continually being given places to stay and am being taken care of with a roof over my head and enough food to eat and places of physical beauty like the mountains and islands and fjords of Norway recently and currently the pacific northwest of North America.

How does all of this work with my Divine Timing of whatever it is that I came here to do in this lifetime?

Is my experience of life currently an indication of me resisting my divine timing or am I fully in synch with my divine timing?

I had an astrological reading the other day by a wonderful astrologist.
( ) Who said according to her interpretation of my chart that I’m doing exactly what I need to be doing to prepare me for my carreer to change in the next 18 months and completely take off in a way that will completely blow me away.

Will I look back when that happens at the years previous and see the perfection of how things played out for me? Maybe.

How do we balance taking charge of our life and spiritual growth by clearing and manifesting and changing AND at the same time let go of control of the way things show up so we have the best results in our life possible beyond our comprehension in the current moment.

I’m not sure. I’m struggling with all this moment to moment. Maybe that’s what I need to experience to do what I’m here to do. What beliefs can I clear or downloads can I get to make this easier without trying to take control from Creator because Creator is obviously getting it wrong because I’m not getting what I want or I think I want.

I sure can be arrogant…..oh brother…….. how embarrassing.

If you want to know Creators definition and perspective on everything in this little essay and to know how and what it feels like to do the things I talk about in this blog say yes now and hold on then call your Theta buddies and do some work on all this.

Call me if you want a session on this issue customized to you and your issues around it.

The 3 sessions for $296 ($79 savings) jpackage will be discontinued for sure at the end of the month so order it now before it’s gone.

Come take basic and advanced thetahealing with me in September in Washington and Greece in October. Half price for repeaters. Click here to see the schedule.

Intuitive Anatomy is also coming to Washington so check that out too.

Love Steve

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hey Guys,
Here some brief updates and a couple of cool new youtube videos.
New Theta Healing Class Scedule click here.

Youtube video titled "Peace with Trees"

Video description of ThetaHealing Basics Class

My Friend Lynn Rose is teaching her "WOW FACTOR" class that i've taken and was Very Impressed with.
If you read this bit and click on her link and you feel guided to do this course I'd recommend it.
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That's it for now. Have a great day.
Love Steve
-- Stephen Roy ParkerThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor "Beyond Ideas Of Right Doing and Wrong Doing There Is A Field,I'll Meet You There." - RumiSkype: yourdivinityEmail: sessions available by phoneanywhere in the world.