Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 6 on Hcg and 11 lbs down.

Hey Guys,

First this is only what I'm doing. Always get a doctor's approval for this or any program you are considering doing.

I've been getting requests for specific information on the Hcg protocol for weight loss and detoxification program I've been doing. I'll include links to where I'm getting the products I'm using in case some of you want to follow the same protocol.

All of the product come from one source as does this version of the protocol. The only product I won't have a link to is the Medical Meal replacement Carefast shakes as they are not on the website officially yet that I get this stuff from but you can get them from there and they are very good. The Phone Number to get those if you want to is 303-274-6564. If you want any of the stuff I talk about on this post I suggest you call and order it rather than doing it through the website. It's much easier.

Here's what I'm doing.

6 drops of Homeopathic Hcg drops 6 times a day. This does a couple of things as I understand. First it has the body target what is called abnormal fat instead of structural fat. That's the fat that isn't necessary for regular body functions. A lot of the abnormal fat is fat cells that are created to store toxins the body can't dispose of on it's own for whatever reason.

It also resets the hypo-thalamus to think that lower food intake is the norm and not the higher calories we may have been taking in for so long. This will make it easier to keep the weight off after you are done with this protocol.

Also the Hcg as I understand it helps dramatically with food cravings and hunger. How that works I'm not sure. I do know that my cravings have been considerably less than any other time I've done a diet or cleanse.

Also I'm experiencing far less emotional ups and downs. Most of my life food has been my drug of choice to medicate me emotionally. This is much better in part I believe because of the Hcg but also I've done massive amounts of emotional work over the last 6 years with ThetaHealing. Almost certainly without the ThetaHealing this would be much more difficult.

A very low calorie diet of 900 calories/day. ( I guarantee you that's a very low calorie diet for me!!)

I replace two meals a day with Carefast medical meal replacement shakes at 160 calories/package mixed with water.

I have one small regular meal per day. I got spend a couple of days with Michael Grant, the president of the company I get all this stuff from. He's brilliant regarding whole food based supplements and nutrition in general. He also is the formulator of most of the products I'm using. What a great guy. I genuinely like him because he's for real when he says he puts medicine before marketing.

He showed me that due to my body type I don't digest proteins or sugar very well (thus my digestive system constantly gurgling.) and I will do better with a vegetarian diet. (I even saw evidence of this from a slide of my blood he took.)

This comes from the book "The Healing Power of Enzymes." By Dr. DicQie Fuller. So, at least for now I've begun to move to much more of a vegitarian diet. But that's just me. It may not be the right thing for you. It's funny that sometimes the things we crave most are the things we have the most trouble digesting. A coincidence??? I think NOT!!

Alot of fat people may be completely malnourished due to lack of enzymes and the inability to digest the food they eat and can't get the nutrition they should be from all that food.

I have at least one package of Vitaxan nutritional drink mix. Sometimes I have 2 or 3 of these a day depending on my energy level. I believe this and the Sangomin below are essential for me in particular to be able to do this program as easily as I have so far.

This stuff is really cool because it gives the body 40 perfectly balanced ingredients that supports the body's natural ability to bring itself into perfect health. Make sure you click on Vitaxan link to see all the cool stuff in it. The b-complex alone give me energy when I need it. The day I first tried this stuff my coffee comsumption cut in half without me even trying.

If you take a whole bunch of this at once you can get a killer niacin flush!! (if you ever do that mix one package of the juice powder in water or in one of the Carefast meal replacement shakes and then add 6 to 8 capsules of the Vitaxan Capsules. It's really neat. Do it only once a week. Eventually you will get so clean that you won't beable to get the flush. I'm not there yet though. Of course only do any of this under doctor's supervision.)

I make and drink over the course of a day a 1.5 - 2.0 litre bottle of Sangomin in water to alkalize my body and provide billions of negative ions (massive anti-oxidant properties) that helps dramatically with the getting rid of the toxins that are leaving my body on this program.

This Sangomin stuff also has 70+ perfectly balanced Ionic mineral including Calcium (which I love because of all the ThetaHealing I do.) It gets into the blood stream directly without having to go through the digestive system because it's ionic. There's a whole bunch more on that that I recently learned that I won't go into today.

Outside of this Hcg protocol, alot of people are having some dramatic improvements in health just from the Vitaxan and Sangomin alone. I met a 4 people this weekend in North Carolina that credit these 2 supplements alone with getting them out of bed and living life again that were (and still are but much less so) suffering from Crohns Disease.

I take 3 to 9 capsules of Mangosteen a day spread out over 3 times a day which helps with inflammation my body has created from being so toxic for so long for a number of reasons. I believe it helps a lot with the detox. Some water release I think is happening because of this.

I will have one apple either in the morning or afternoon as a snack.

I will have a cup of green tea once or twice a day as a filler also. (I still get to go to Starbucks!! they have a nice shaken iced green tea. no syrup please.)

Taking Enzymes with everything I eat.

That's it for now. I hope this all helps. I know I feel really good about this and I'm seeing results fast.

Love Steve


John said...

Thetahealing, combined with deep meditation and a positive outlook, will definitely surmount to great achievements. If you can see your goal being ever so near to you, then you can never fail.

Patty said...

I've been studying Theta healing since I've heard about its miraculous effects. I'm living a happy and healthy life, almost free from any severe illness. These might be the effects of Theta healing on me. In other people, it could have done even more. I heard that it saved someone from cancer.