Friday, January 29, 2010

Living Effortlessly

I woke up this morning, had my shower got dressed and sat down to meditate and had such a lovely time. It's quiet in the morning. I can hear the birds outside and am enjoying the peace.

Two of my "teachers" came to mind today. Dr. Wayne Dyer and Ratziel Bander. The piece that came to mind from Wayne was the thought he passes on in his recent movie "The Shift" (which I recommend by the way) was that when we are in the womb everything is taken care of for us. We don't have to "do" anything. When we're born it's as if we say "Thanks God, I'll take it from here."

Ratziel Bander, Master of the ancient Hsin Tao work, (which by the way I recommend too) talks about doing the Hsin Tao movements and breathe work as effortlessly as possible. In being as relaxed as possible and breathing and moving with the least amount of effort and without agenda do we get the maximum benefits.

I've been doing a cleanse/diet protocol using Hcg the last 6 weeks with really great results. Almost effortlessly i've dropped 30+ pounds or 13+ kilos. I had been wanting to do a cleanse for about 3 years and was totally afraid of it. Usually the emotional side of changing my eating habits and especially cleaning out my body is the hardest for me. This particular program literally fell into my lap. It was very easy to simply just start. As I went through the stages of the cleanse protocol it continued to feel effortless. Then about a week ago it didn't become harder but the energy of it began to simply fall away. I kept forgetting to take the Hcg and began changing some of my eating habits.

With the gentle and respectful suggestions of my friends and noticing some body changes and lack of energy that had not been present earlier in the protocol I finally realized that Creator and my body was telling me that it was time to let this go at least for awhile.

This morning after a couple of days off the protocol I feel great. Much of the basic eating patterns that were established feel as if they still remain without me having to "discipline" myself. I woke up and exercised with the 5 Tibetan Rites that I do and some other basic exercises that I like these days and am willing to do. It was easy.

It's easy and effortless this morning to be doing this blog.

I feel good.

I think life can be this way more and more as we listen, or in my case, begin to learn to listen to the quiet whisperings of Creator and our guidance and, as the Abraham-Hicks people say, allow yourself to simply feel good and operate from that energy and place of being.

Does it sometimes take some work to be willing to get to this place of allowing? It sure has for me. I've been working at clearing the things that keep me in a state of tension and fear and "reasonableness" for quite awhile now. I think most people will be the same way as me. Just because you read something like this blog and intellectually accept the ideas here doesn't mean you will be implementing the ideas in your life across the board by tomorrow. How many books have you read over the years and expected everything to change and virtually nothing did. I can't count that high. Give yourself a break and continue clearing your emotional blocks and ideas that keep you from just beginning to allow a level of this kind of effortless living to be a part of your experience.

Don't try to force effortless living into your life. It doesn't work. Believe me I've tried.... over and over again I've tried, without success. Let go of the effort you may think it takes to live effortlessly. Take a few moments right now and just sit and be effortless regardless of what appears to be going on around you, just for this moment. Then once in awhile just remember to be effortless in what ever you may be doing. If that means going and having a nap then do it as long as if you have a nap the world won't come to an end. (hee hee)

Stop trying so hard in everything you do. If you don't feel like doing something then don't do it, even if only for a few moments before you jump back into trying at it again. Then give yourself a pat on the back for allowing this small moment of effortlessness in your life and then just go on with your life WITHOUT using this moment as a foundation to "try" to "make" more effortlessness happen in the future. Just let it be what ever it was by itself.

Would you like to know from the Creator on the 7th plane the definition of living life effortlessly.

Would you like to know how, what it feels like, when to, where to and in what circumstances to allow effortlessness to begin to become part of your everyday life with grace and ease, without having to try at it and with out your world falling apart and still get all the things you need to get done in your life done in the highest and best way?

Would you like to know how and what if feels like to be at peace with yourself and life?

Would you like to know how and what if feels like to remember to allow this effortlessness into your life?

Would you like to know that living your life effortlessly in the highest and best way is possible?

Would you like to know it can be and is safe for you to begin to live your life this way?

Would you like to begin to live you life this way in a way that is best for you and your family, friends and loved ones even if that means it comes to you more slowly than you think you would like it to?

Would you like to know what the effortless flow of life feels like in the highest and best way with joy and harmony and love and peace?

Would you like to know how and what it feels like for your world to be in perfect harmony and balance without you having to "make" it that way?

If you want all of these downloads just say yes out loud....effortlessly. ;-)

If you want all these download say yes out loud now.


Erika L Soul said...

these are really great downloads,reminds me of Lester Levinson and the Sedona method , the beingness state he reached and lived life from. I would love to life in this state of doing without doing , effortless doing no struggle, I say yes thankyou ,

Cleo said...

Hi Steve!

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