Saturday, January 2, 2010

Predictions for 2010. . .Dont worry, Be happy!

I ran across the below video thanks to Jim Mckeown of recently. Click below and watch the video then read on.....


Here are a few nuggets that stand out for me in that clip, each of which have such depth of meaning, potential and possibility that an entire book could be written about any of them. are just a few.

"First we suggest pausing a moment and recognizing that the great unknown is your paradise."

"Souls will be stirring that have not been awake for many many lifetimes."

"For many of you this will be the year in which you "get it."

"The past that held Gods that took sides is dying."

"So, if we were to give you advice that would hold true for the entire year, it would be to become a powerful visionary."

and this one is the one that almost makes me cry each time I read it......

"We see even the last of you emerging from the fog soon."

That vision of the last of us emerging from the fog is so powerful. How long have we been in the fog....most of our lives? decades? centuries? perhaps several millenia?

If these thoughts and ideas are being presented to us even in this small way it means I think that a massive change has already occurred on the deepest level of humanity's consciousness. These things bubble up from the unified field as preview of what has already been created by us all.

What I hope we can do is embrace these thoughts and ways of being as a conscious decision and to begin not just to pay lip service to them as is so easy and popular to do, but to actually become this change we want to see in the world as Gandhi says.

What we can do, especially those of us who have learned ThetaHealing(tm), is to continually find the limiting thoughts and feelings that arise that keep us in the fog or drag us back into the fog no matter how strong our conscious intentions are.

Simple belief changes are perhaps the single most powerful thing we can do to literally live and become these changes we want to see in the world.

I'm as good at paying lip service to these high ideals as anyone else. I'm also better than most at believing the stories I tell myself about why I can't do things, that someone has done something wrong to me and that even though I preach that we are the source of how we experience EVERYTHING in our lives, I still often choose to be the victim.

I constantly get to (when I am open enough to look at my own issues which sometimes I still resist.) find the deeper beliefs that keep me in the fog and keep me thinking and behaving in ways that are contrary to what I claim to believe is true about our reality and how to live it.

I get to practice looking at the style in which I fool myself in these things and why I hold on to these old ways so ferociously, especially when I am most virulent in claiming otherwise.

We are so funny and clever in the ways we fool ourselves......

So what's the trick here that may help most in actually clearing the deepest beliefs that hold us in the fog longer than we need to?

Give your self a break and simply start noticing the way your thoughts and speech patterns unfold WITHOUT judging yourself and beating yourself up about them.... just notice and then when you simply notice, tell yourself you are so cute for having such a contrary thought to what you claim to believe and then change it with the tools you have been given or get someone to help you get to the bottom of this layer that has presented itself and move on.

As Bobby Mc Ferren would say "Don't worry, be happy."

Isn't that a better platform to work from, freeing us to clear what we need to and become the "Powerful Visionaries" where we become the changes we want to see in the world and have the last of us emerge from the fog.

Working from the feeling and deep unconscious belief that nothing is really wrong despite what our so called physical senses tell us, allows us to create and experience this world where nothing actually is wrong, the truth comes out and we live on a practical pragmatic level in the world that we are envisioning.

So say yes if you want the following downloads....

I know how and what if feels like to be the change I want to see in the world.
I know how and what it feels like to be the powerful visionary I can be.
I know how and what it feels like to see where I am fooling myself with out judging myself.
I know how and what it feels like to emerge from the fog I have created for myself and still feel safe.
I know how and what it feels like to live my life in congruence with my conscious beliefs in the highest and best way.
I know how and what it feels like to be an example for the souls that are stirring that have not been awake for many many lifetimes. (you yourself may be one of these souls you are being an example for)
I have the Creator's highest understanding and perspective of the idea that the great unknown is my paradise in the highest and best way and in a way I can accept with grace and ease.
I know how and what it feels like to "get it."
I know how and what it feels like to live my life in a way that the world I am envisioning has already been created.

So let's go out and create, through our powerful visionary abilities, the world we love and have already created.....

as Maharishi would say "More results with less effort."

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